Where it all began.....

A little glimpse into our history and highlight some of our recent events

The Maybush History

The Maybush Public House is nestled in picturesque scenery on the River Thames just south of Oxford. It is situated on the South end of the ‘New Bridge’; a 13th Century bridge on which the Abingdon to Witney Road (A415) runs.

2021 and July onwards saw us fully reopen after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted and we were able to hold a few local events to bring our community together.

We held our first MayFest weekend over the Bank Holiday weekend in August, which was a great success, followed shortly by a music festival in September.

2023 we have celebrated our annual MayFest festival, held our first Country & Western Weekend. We’ve also continued our Real Ale, Cider & Sauage Festival plus we held our first Pride event! It’s been a busy year!

A very old shot

People arriving by boat

The Maybush early 20th Century


Christmas 2022

Country & Western Weekend 2023

MayFest 2022

Winter Inside our restaurant

Country & Western Weekend Inside our restaurant

Pride 2023 Inside our restaurant

King Charles III Coronation

Pride 2023 Inside our restaurant

MayFest 2022 Inside our restaurant

Vintage Car

Pride 2023

After performing on cruise ships worldwide, Oliver has amassed extensive experience and expertise in music and live gigs. With a vast repertoire of covers, he seamlessly adapts to both intimate gatherings and lively events, consistently delivering high-quality entertainment.

Based in Oxfordshire, Oliver frequently performs solo, as part of the acoustic duo The Coverbuoys, and with the party band Juno.

Rachel Redman is a professional musician, singer/songwriter and teacher from Berkshire. She offers live music covers to venues and for functions, and she writes and records her own music too

Martha Makes Mistakes energizes the typically acoustic genre with a blend of diverse influences. Imagine Bob Dylan’s tentative ventures into electric guitar, but amplified to the max and with music that’s a lot heavier.

Introducing "Mr." Paul Adams, a true Country Music Outlaw who masterfully blends the heart and soul of Texas Country with the rustic charm of UK country vibes.

Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, and raised amidst the picturesque landscapes of Aylesbury Vale, Paul's journey through the world of country music is a lyrical odyssey.

For years, Paul's country roots remained hidden, like a well-kept secret. Now, they have finally emerged, revealing an outlaw spirit that echoes the tradition of country legends. His music weaves tales of heartache, resilience, and an untamed spirit.

Roger is often described as a musician who doesn’t claim to be the best guitarist or singer, although many believe he is. What sets him apart is his ability to play songs that people genuinely enjoy, which is exactly what you want in an entertainer.

With a versatile and extensive background, Roger performs a wide range of classic hits, including some rare gems that few others do. His adaptable style makes him a perfect fit for pubs, restaurants, hotels, social clubs, and nearly any entertainment venue.

Roger performs without pre-recorded backing tracks, showcasing his talents on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and banjo (not all at once!). Accompanied by digital drums, a device that harmonizes with his vocals, and his unique skill of playing bass lines as he performs, Roger brings the full sound of a small band to his solo act like no one else can.